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Prague in 1493

Prague in 1493, the oldest known view of Prague, from Liber Chronicarum by Schedel

If you are going to visit Prague, known as ‘the town of hundred spires’ and the gem in the heart of Europe, get ready for the experience of a lifetime! To get the most out of your visit and travel be sure to pick the right tour guide – one who is able to live up to your expectations – because Prague deserves to be presented to you by a professional private guide. It can be easy to fall into a tourist trap, and to make your visit really special I would recommend you avoid average tour guide’s service.

Instead, choose somebody who is a native Czech, somebody who can provide valuable insights into Czech culture, mentality and history. Would you see a doctor who did not have a degree and a proper education? Of course not! Likewise, ask for a Prague guide who has dedicated himself to studying Prague, and has obtained an official license for guiding in his home city. It is not very amusing to become a tourist guided by someone who has fallen into a routine, repeating the same script over and over again! Find a personal guide who listens to you, provides personal care and caters for your individual wishes.

Krystof Polansky – Private Guide of Prague

Prague Guide - Krystof Polansky

Let‘s sneak around corners, stroll through half-forgotten streets and dust off the glory of past eras!

Please allow me to introduce myself, and to help you decide whether I am the right tour guide for you.

My name is Krystof Polansky, and I am a post-graduate from top universities in Prague and London. I have been guiding tours for years, starting as a volunteer for incoming foreign students and later taking exams to become an officially licensed tourist guide of Prague. As a passionate Czech I love to show my beloved Prague, where I grew up and live, to visitors to the city.

My tours are built on two strong bases. Firstly, I have developed the concept of a Time Machine, where together we bring Prague’s times and peoples of past centuries back to life as we explore. Secondly, I ensure that I provide a very private service and a personal approach, with each tour individually tailored to meet your wishes and interests. Find out more in section what makes me such a special Prague guide!

Czech crown jewels - Crown of St. Wenceslaw

Czech crown jewels – Crown of St. Wenceslaw

You could easily spend months exploring numerous Prague’s jewels. To find out what I have carefully hand-picked for you in your visit, please see the Tours section.

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To book a tour with me or in case you have an enquiry, contact me here.

I am so jealous, I wish I could see Prague’s astonishing beauty through tourist’s eyes – to experience it for the first time and to be completely overwhelmed.

Yours Krystof Polansky,

Private Guide of Prague.

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